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How it works?

Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Internet Reputation companies can subscribe, county by county for bulk records emailed every day in clean, formatted fashion for an extremely low cost per record.


The data can be used for any purpose such as direct mail marketing for attorneys, insurance company marketing and many others.

Daily Data Available in:

North Carolina (~6k records /day)

South Carolina  (~2.5k records /day)

Maryland  (~4.5k records /day)

Oklahoma  (~2k records /day)

Pennsylvania  (~8k records /day)

Indiana  (~8k records /day)

Wisconsin  (~3k records /day)

Utah  (~2k records /day)

Virginia  (~3k records /day)

Dallas County Texas  (~3k records /day)

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  • National Change of Address Updated Daily

  • Undeliverable addresses rejected (no wasted postage)

  • Multiple Charges appended into one record

  • Pick only the statutes you want

  • Use for any purpose including direct mail

  • Complete data from infractions to criminal

  • Data organized and ready for mail-merge