Legal Compliance

It's incredibly important for Attorneys to abide by their respective states Bar Associations rules of conduct for Attorney Advertising. A.R.M. abides by all 50 states bar associations.

Remaining compliant in every mailing is important for both Arrest Record Marketing but also for our exclusive Attorney clientele.


Each Client receives assistance and help to assure that all letters mailed are ethical and do not violate any state Bar statutes for Attorney Advertising.


With this being said, there are fantastic non-invasive compliant ways to increase open rates and response rates with respective clients. We feature:


  • Heavy Stock Personalized Letters with optional real signatures from the Attorney

  • Chip-Board Insert (Makes the envelope feel heavy and important)

  • Non-Invasive, Privacy Binded, Custom Printed Envelope which potential attorney clients will appreciate and will entice their calls. Setting yourself apart from other Attorneys.

  • Brochure Inserts printed on heavy color graphic paper will increase open rates due to "curiosity of-what's inside" syndrome.