Every County in the United States and Every Agency (Sheriff, Police and Clerk of Court) operates differently which affects the price of each envelope we send. Please contact us to speak with a dedicated sales representative.
However, you can expect the following:
Exclusivity Fees


Arrest Record Marketing only works for one Attorney/Firm per county in the United States IF they choose one of our exclusivity guarantee mailing programs. (Such as Excelsior) 


Due to this, some counties incur an annual exclusivity cost depending on volume of mailers. but not always. This cost helps us deliver more clients to you and offset the losses of your competitors.


Exclusivity is not a requirement to run your mail through us, however some firms find this advantageous to their marketing competition.

Count of Letters Mailed per Month


Depending on the county (being rural or metropolitan), as well as your chosen targets, the volume of letters can range from as little at 7-10/day to 200/day. 


Service Areas


We service all 50 states, and we obtain arrest and citation records in real-time from every Sherrifs Department and Police Department in those respective counties.



Per Letter Cost

Costs per letter mailed as little as .50 cents - $4.25 depending on geographic location, volume and Exclusivity Cost.


Setup Processes and Costs

Typically, client on-boarding is completely FREE.